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Proffessional Details

Working in IT sector since 1995-July. From all my employers I got very good recognition resulted Upward growth in my carreer life. I believe Hardwork and Self confident, which gave everything for my life. Here is my proffession in words.



Company Name

Business Standard Limited, Tirupathi


Working since April'98


Sr. Deputy Systems Engineer

Company Profile

Business Standard Limited is a leading Nation wide Business Daily Newspaper in India having Branches at New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore , Ahmadabad, Hydrabad and Tirupathi. All the offices are connected in Wide Area Network using High speed 64 Kbps digital lines, ASCOM and ASM-20 digital modems, HFCL V-Sat and Motorola 6520 series routers using TCP/IP protocol. Tirupathi Local Area Network consists of Windows NT 4.0, Sun Solaris 2.5.1 & 8 Servers and NT4.0 servers in a single domain and 38 nos. of Windows 95 and 10 nos. of WindowsNT 4.0 Workstations.

Job Profile

I have to look about Systems Administration, Network Administration & Installation and configuration of all equipments specified above and co-ordinating with other branch's systems department regarding WAN configuration.


    Configuration, Administration and maintenance of Windows NT, SCO UNIX and Solaris Servers.

    Running Samba Server for MS Client access.

    Monitoring Network traffic using network management tools.

    Installed & configured Windows 95 & Windows NT clients in different segments with different NICs.

    Configuration and maintenance of Motorola 6520 router using OSPF, IGRP, X.25, MLPPP and FRI protocols

    Maintenance of 64K digital lines which are used for WAN.

    Maintenance of ASM - 20 digital modems and V-Sat NT Terminal and Radio Unit.

    Installed & configured Laser Printers with Jetadmin cards.

    Installed & configured Motorola Codex and Robotics modems for leased and Dialup Modes.


Company Name

Peerless Gen. Fin. & Inv. Company Ltd.


Ten months(Jul '97 to April '98)


Hardware Engineer(MT)

Company Profile

Peerless is the India’s largest Non-Banking Financial institution having branches over India. My part was from Southern Regional Office, to maintain Unix network in all their 20 branches over TamilNadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Their each branch is having a SCO UNIX server and 5-10 Terminals under UNIX LAN through serialport and smartport cards.

Job Profile

I have to look about System & Network Administration, OS Installation and to Provide hardware maintenance over the 20 branches after the call. The OS is running with MF-COBOL software. Their all financial activities is running through the software under MF-COBOL. And its my duty to schedule daily backup and weekly backup on different cassettes. And, once the file size exceeds the limit, we have to bring the data to Regional center and reset the file to empty state. The another important thing is to maintain two

printers over the network for various billing activities.


Over 20 Branches in Three States,

    Installation & Maintenance of SCO UNIX servers.

    Installation & Maintenance of WIN95 PCs and keeping in shared network.

    Installation & Maintenance of Print Server and Clients.

    Maintenance of dialup network to connect all centers together.

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